It's the end time...OF CUTE

Forget cats and dogs living together, actual footage from Florida shows a tabby settling the age-old question "Should I love this thing or try to eat it?" by giving headbonks to a dolphin.

What do you think, qats? Is the tabby betraying her species by making common cause with something that's practically a fish? Or is their star-crossed love the stuff of great drama?

Dogs: Still dumb, but escapey

We all know that the crafty pulpo can escape through tiny spaces, but now dogs are getting in on the action. One great Chi-scape was captured on film:

Is this going to turn into an I Am Legend situation where the tiny dogs run rampant and claim the planet as their own? Or will the skunks of northern Manhattan be able to keep them in check?
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New Threat to Postal Workers

They thought dogs were bad

Postal workers in the excitingly named city of Moose Jaw Saskatchewan are facing a new threat: HAWKS. HAWKS!

Some residents have been told their mail delivery will be suspended because the Swainson's hawks pose a threat to workers. They're protectorating their nests! That's more important than your Canadian mail!! The Swaison's hawks feel especially threatened by Wireless catalogs. "Novelty doormats and Miss Marple DVDs terrify me," said one.
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White Castle Among Cleanest "Restaurants" In NYC!

I guess the prince is making Cinderella clean, still

Cinderella does live in teh white castle, right? I mean, where else would she live? It must be the best castle in the land, filled with burgers and also clam strips. Anyway, the NYC Dept of Health is giving out letter grades to restaurants, and only 16% have gotten As. Among those are a Castle uptown, a Popeye's, a McD's... all places I love. Fancy-pants Balthazar had 18 violations. HA!
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Dog Eats Owner's Rotten Toe

It's just practice for the day he forgets to feed the dog

You've probably been all over this story already, but last week a Michigan dog ate his owner's infected toe. Dude's wife had been begging him to go to the doctor, but you know how guys are.

After 6 beers and a 32 oz margarita, Jerry Douthett fell asleep in a chair and his dog Rosie went to work. "It wasn't an aggressive attack. He pretty much just ate the infection, so he saved my life," Douthett said. "I probably never would have gone in." Rosie said, "nom nom nom."