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Today, May 22, is Grey Cat Day, in honor of the largest extraterrestrial grey cat ever, Ed. the Cat, aka Thee Snevil (pronounced Sneh-vil, rhymes with devil). Ed. came from a planet called Snevilac (sometimes Snevil-O when he was feeling mysterious) where the sentient dominant race were grey cats. Certain cats were chosen to go to other planets to monitor things. They would have to shrink down, usually, but their specific density remained the same, meaning Ed. the Cat, while slightly larger than a normal house cat (approx lynx-sized) weighed about the same as Saturn. The planet, not the car. So, Ed. the Cat was Thee Snevil of Earth during his short tenure here, from approx 1981, when he was found sitting on a street corner on Staten Island, to 1993, when he was called back to his planet (just like Poochie from the Simpsons). During Thee Snevil's reign, he tried his best to keep the planet in balance, but he could not stop Reagan from being elected. He always regretted that.

Earthly snevil saints include Mahatma Merv Love Dog Spawn-thang, Saint Irene, and Saint Dotty Fox (who introduced him to the joys of tobacco). The snevil nemesis was Thee Evil Bunny, who was Dotty's sister and tried to have Ed. killed after Dotty's death.

Snevil is even in the urban dictionary! We did NOT put that in ourselves.

Please give a grey cat, or any color cat, a can of tuna today in honor of Thee Snevil.

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