August 7th, 2010

Frankie as dragon

On Staten Island, Rooster Comes to Kill YOU

Roosters have overrun the mis-named street of Sleepy Hollow Road way out on the South Shore of Staten Island, the forgotten borough of NYC. Not only are the roosters raising a ruckus every sun-up, they're destroying people's gardens! Local Michelle Olsen is currently feeding the guys, and scrambles eggs for them (??) every morning. They also enjoy elbow macaroni.

No one knows how the chickens got there, but the local mail carrier, whom the article identifies only as "Lou" doesn't like them, or the big cat the next street over.
Frankie as dragon

Dog Eats Owner's Rotten Toe

It's just practice for the day he forgets to feed the dog

You've probably been all over this story already, but last week a Michigan dog ate his owner's infected toe. Dude's wife had been begging him to go to the doctor, but you know how guys are.

After 6 beers and a 32 oz margarita, Jerry Douthett fell asleep in a chair and his dog Rosie went to work. "It wasn't an aggressive attack. He pretty much just ate the infection, so he saved my life," Douthett said. "I probably never would have gone in." Rosie said, "nom nom nom."