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Feline_News, the news comm by cats and for cats. If you know of a news story cats are interested in it, post it! This is the place to read and post funny stories about cats, or friends of cats. No stories about pet torture, please. Let's keep it light. Stories about rescues are OK. LJ-cuts are required for large images (more than 700px wide). Please don't hotlink images from other sites. You can host images at sites like tinypic.com. Trolls will be eaten and bones dispozed of, after copious gnawing.

Photos of your own cats should be posted to comms like kittypix. This community is for news stories.

General guidelines for posting:
1. a description of the story
2. a link to the story.
3. maybe a photo from the story (no hotlinking, please)
4. It would be nice if you listed the source in the post (ie, from the New York Times via Fark
5. If website registration is required to view the story, try to note that in the description. Readers can use sites like bugmenot.com for registration. Don't feel shy about providing the bugmenot link in your post.
6. Please feel free to use tags. Possible tags to use: cats, dogs, bad cat, youtube, colbert report
7. LJ-cuts are required for large images (more than 700px wide).
8. these suggestions are subject to change as the communnity grows.